Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Update on Alex - Outplacement Success

I checked in today with a good friend and old friend of this blog whose past experiences can be found in the post Alex's story.

The good news is that Alex is still enjoying the same role. His experience and expertise are moving the business forward in its aims. He is enjoying making new contacts as well as renewing older ones. There is no more security than he had previously but Alex is far more secure in the progress that he has made since redundancy last year.

It didn't take too long in our conversation to realise that Alex is valuing the things that are important to him. He is utilising talents and making progress towards goals that mean something to him also. If you were to ask, Alex would tell you that none of this has been easy and a lot of hard work has helped. However, if you also asked him whether what he is doing now feels more rewarding? Well, I can't speak for Alex but the smile on his face rather speaks for itself.

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