Friday, 30 July 2010

A one-time neighbour of the moon

People achieve incredible things in their careers

Yet we still know so little about them.

What made them tick, why they were successful, what they put it all down to.

Take Michael Collins for example.

Discover more about Michael Collins, a one-time neighbour of the moon
[Image courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr]

Michael Collins' career story is an incredible one but I'm not going to tell it here. Instead I want you to think about another career story. One that's too often overlooked. Too often in the shadows of the comparisons we make around it.

The career I want you to think about is still full of opportunity. Full of waiting-to-happen twists, turns and achievements and much more besides. A career with so much in it waiting to be discovered, one we can question as respectfully and carefully as we question the stellar careers of those we look up to.

This career is made up of old and new experiences for us to value and treat with a genuine curiosity. A story we can step inside and get behind with zeal, with zest and an insatiable appetite that leaves us wanting more.

All that and more is possible in the career I want you to think about right now, and that career is your own.

From a one-time neighbour of the moon, and from me, right back down here on Earth, explore your career for everything within it still waiting to be found!

All the best for now,

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I'm taking a break from blogging in August
but work/life fusion will be back in September.
Thank you for reading and for your continued support throughout the year. Have a great Summer where you are!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Art of Meeting the World Head-On

Why bother?
I used to make the same train journey every day. One part of the line passed behind a row of houses. Written in big letters on the back of one house were the words, "Why bother?".

After years of seeing this question, myself and the other passengers on the trains were treated to a direct response. On the back of the house next door someone painted the words, "Why not?".

From that day on "Why bother?" and "Why not?" were seen together. Existential graffiti at its best :)

Why not?
Your answer to this question might be very different to mine but they will have plenty in common too.

Planning is one thing but being bothered and making things happen is full of work-arounds, imperfect solutions, bodges, kludges, compromises and pieces that hold together for no apparent reason.

If it ain't broke... Well, you know the rest.

The graffiti and even the houses are now gone
but the art of the existential statement lives on!
[Image courtesy of icathing on Flickr]

Why bother?
Maybe you'll be spurred on by the desire to figure out what you want. Maybe the catalyst will be an event, something that happens and makes you think twice.

Maybe it will be a gentle push or a not so gentle kick-up-the-backside from some of your personal 'What ifs?' or even your very own random graffiti experience perhaps.

Whatever it is, a simple thought will find you and for whatever reason it won't go away.

Why not?
This question brings us back down to earth. Ask yourself this question and be free about it. Find your own reasons to bother and learn what you're not all that bothered about. Treat "Why bother?" and "Why not?" with the same respect and discover a closer relationship with both.

I want to get better at meeting the world head-on. The little glimpses I've had so far, especially from the people who do it so well, make me certain it's something worth bothering about.

All the best for now,


Friday, 16 July 2010

Tying-up Loose Ends

I haven't taken up sewing or knot-fancying or anything else dubious that involves rope,

But I'm slowly knitting things together all the same.

You already know what I'm talking about. It goes on all the time.

Something happened to us a while ago, we forgot about it but then weeks, months or even years later and 'Boom!', it catches right back up with us and makes sense like it never did before.

It doesn't have to be something big and it's not always a 'Boom!' of recognition either. It can be a 'Flash', a 'Ping', a 'Boing' or even a 'Boink' for that matter (although some 'A-ha' noises have other meanings so we need to be careful).

The story that goes with this image is hard but it also has hope.
[Both story & image are here courtesy of Hryck. on Flickr]

Still not sure what I'm on about?

What about the job that never came off, the call that never came back or the interview question you could never nail. How about the difference of opinion with a manager or colleague when you usually got on with that person so well. What about that chance meeting or letter or little phrase you read in an article or a book that stuck in your heard for no apparent reason.

Well I'm talking about that reason and the very moment it came to you, switching on all the lights as it burst through the door.

Some loose ends we work hard to tie up and we're successful but it takes a lot of effort to get this done. Other loose ends, no matter how hard we wrestle with them, only make sense in their own sweet time, plus we usually need help or input from someone or something outside to get us moving.

Still not sure and think all this is hokum? Take a look at this personal example from yesterday. A few other things to do if you want to be sure before making your mind up: keep an eye on the little things as they happen to you and follow your nose when you're curious.

If something is interesting see where it takes you.

You never know when a loose end is going to tie up!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are,

All the best

* * * * *

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

England's World Cup Exit and Me

I promised not to get drawn in but this World Cup got me all the same.

It crept up on me. I could feel the excitement building as exciting new places like Jo’burg’s Soccer City came together and fans from all over started gathering in South Africa (Soccer City Stadium is the one that looks like an African calabash cup/pot in case you were wondering).

As the football started, I wrote and added World Cup pictures on this blog, also chatting with friends and on facebook about England (my team) and their chances.

Sadly :( what happened to England is no secret but I’m writing about the way I feel now and what it feels like to be involved.

My disappointment didn’t last, but my involvement does.

Don’t worry, he didn’t stay unhappy for long.
[Image courtesy of Axel B├╝hrmann on Flickr]

We feel the highs and the lows whenever we’re involved.

If something good happens, try taking the smile off your face. Find me an unhappy Dutch football fan right now! I challenge you to find someone dressed head-to-toe in orange without a smile on their face between now and Sunday. Come back and tell me how you get on! Oh, and while you’re out there looking, try to spot a happy Uruguayan. OK, there will be some but not as many as there were last week. Just like there weren’t too many happy England fans a week or so ago (Uruguay supporters, I’m with you today!).

But being a football fan isn’t everything. There’s plenty more in life to make us happy, sad and everything else in between. When you’re involved, whatever you are involved with, there’ll be highs and lows in the future that’s for sure. Giving you hope when you need it most and keeping your feet on the ground when things go your way.

As an England fan and a football fan there’s still plenty I’m looking forward to in the last few games of this World Cup but I’m also looking forward to the next England game, the next tournament and the next opportunity for my team to show what they can do.

I’m involved and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

* * * * *

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