Monday, 14 July 2008

What does personal success feel like?

This question came up in conversation recently. Previous posts on this blog have discussed personal success and how it is best defined by an individual's values, talents and goals but this question is a new one.

The short answer is that personal success probably feels different for each individual. For this reason alone a single answer might struggle to hit the mark. Hopefully there will be enough stories about personal success on this blog over time that a common answer will emerge. To get the ball rolling in that direction, here is how I have had the feeling of personal success described to me in the past:
  • assuredness that I have made the right choices
  • satisfaction that my experiences are being valued and utilised
  • not feeling that I am being held back
  • contributing to the best of my ability
  • I'm more aware of opportunities and know better when to act
Of course this is by no means the full picture but I hope that you agree it's an interesting place to start. How would you define the feeling of personal success?

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