Monday, 30 June 2008

Interest in your career

Take a moment to think about the people and groups with an interest in your career. Arguably the most important stakeholders are You, your friends/family, your work contacts/colleagues and your current employer (unless you are self-employed).

Looking down your list now ask yourself which individuals or groups have a long-term interest in your career and whose interests are a little more temporary. It might also help to look back on your career and consider what all of the people with a genuine interest have in common. What unites the short and long term interests, the past and present? Also, what answers would this varied group of people give if they were asked what they wanted for you?

Individual answers are yours to interpret but it could be argued more generally that the priorities directing and guiding your career are also important to the people who want to see you succeed. If you already know your priorities and you can effectively communicate them to people from all groups then you are at a considerable advantage. If understanding your career priorities further sounds interesting or challenging then exploring your values, talents and goals is a good place to start.

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