Tuesday, 22 July 2008

What can be achieved

I have been party to an interesting course of events and it seemed worthwhile recording the facts. It is also in recognition of a significant achievement that I write this post. It is also because this story (as well as its anonymous hero/heroine) is a great example for anyone experiencing career change.

The individual in question is smart, talented and successful but, due to changes in a career that had been stable for some time, there has been more than a little uncertainty of late. What impressed me most during this time wasn't the patience, thoughtfulness, adaptability, emotional resilience, intelligence or courage - although all have been present. Most impressive has been this individual's ability to deal with every situation positively and with an eye for the opportunity present for all involved.

How has this been demonstrated? In situations that many would have given up on, a distinct 'win-win' outcome has been created. No issue or request has been too big or too small to attempt to resolve. Frustration and disappointment have not been allowed to take over, even at the hardest of times. No opportunity to learn and develop has been avoided or missed, even if that has meant dealing with difficult subjects head on.

Anyone and everyone has the ability to achieve when opportunities are approached and managed as they have been in this example.

Congratulations are well in order. Keep up the great work!

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