Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rules for Writers Rule for Work

The Guardian newspaper has been publishing a series called Rules for writers.

These rules are the personal dos and don'ts of successful authors but I reckon there's more on offer.

The subject of these Top 10 lists is writing but some authors are also sharing the very heart of their relationship with work.

If that sounds interesting, go take a look

or I can work a bit harder and whet your appetite a little more...

You often see a lot after a tough climb
[Image courtesy of RMP87 on Flickr]

Here's a cut from Jeanette Winterson's Top 10:

✪ Turn up for work

✪ Never stop when you are stuck

✪ Be honest with yourself

✪ Be ambitious for the work and not for the reward

These may be the words of an author talking about writing but they're also the words of someone who has made their mind up, decided what she wants, confirmed that this is what it takes, resolved that this is what she has to do.

Imagine asking Jeanette where she wants her career to go...

I reckon she'd give a good answer.

All the best for now,


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So what would be on your Top 10 or Top 5 list like this?
Bear in mind that these things change
Lists like this rarely stay the same
But they always contain:

Values: What's important to you
Talents: What you are good at
Goals: What keeps you going

Monday, 15 February 2010

work/life change

Things need to change

I need to change

Things have changed

I have changed

I've no idea where they're going but sometimes I'm still jealous ;)
[Image courtesy of P - A - S on Flickr]

Of course there are differences but making changes and catching-up with change requires the same effort.

What do you think?

What changes do you want to make right now?
What changes are you trying to catch-up with?

All the best,


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


You aren't what you do

But what you do can make you happy

I reckon this is especially true of work and careers

Do you see a cloud, a collection of water droplets or an accumulation?
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Why leave it to the end of your career to explore...

What I have done
What it adds up to
Cumulative ideas
How what I do makes me feel

It's never too late to look at your experiences but imagine just for a moment...

What if I started right now...?

All the best,


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hold that thought!

Whatever it was,

don't let it go just yet.

Where would it take you,

if you held it just a little longer.

Once you let it go it might be hard to get back
[Image courtesy of Jakob E on Flickr]

What is it asking you to explore?

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