Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Umbrellas go up when it rains

Managing your career in a negative growth market is not an easy task. Difficult career situations like unemployment and redundancy aren't subjects that this blog takes lightly but it is worth noting that even in tougher economic times, new jobs are started, promotions are won and work has the same potential to satisfy.

Whatever the economic outlook, managing your career should never be an exclusively inward-looking exercise carried out alone. Pursuing personal success through a clearer understanding of your values, talents and goals ensures that you gather external perspectives and evidence [from friends, trusted advisors, employers and so on].

In order to be valid, a career direction needs to be tested and ultimately supported by what you can achieve in the open job market. The way others interpret your values, talents and goals is a critical factor in your personal success. In a negative growth market it is even more significant that career planning does not place isolated, long-term objectives ahead of everyday opportunities to succeed.

What has this got to do with rain and umbrellas? Not everyone is waiting for the sun to shine in order to make progress.

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