Monday, 2 March 2009

Career expertise

Career success relies on knowing your own strengths but it is also helped a great deal when you appreciate expertise in other people too.

Knowing what you do well - and when to call upon the expertise of those around you - enhances success in a number of ways.

'Best-in-class' leaders know that expertise is at its best when it is valued and applied appropriately. When this happens, experts complete their work to the best of their ability and achieve the best possible results.

As an example of the link between leadership and the value of expertise, how many times has an under-performing team had their fortunes turned around by a change in leadership before a change in team personnel?

[I'm no expert botanist but that is one tiny shell!]

The importance of knowing where our expertise lies - and when to apply it - is a big step forward in terms of career management.

Recognising and applying the expertise of those around you is an equally important step because it requires us to use our judgement objectively, values the contribution of other people and ensures that our own expertise stands out even more because it is applied only when and where it is needed the most!

For more about the importance of expertise in career management, follow these links:

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