Monday, 23 March 2009

Career milestones

A friend encouraged me to start this blog after we talked about careers long into the night on more than one occasion. I still can't thank him enough for the inspiration.

At the risk of sounding like Kate Winslet accepting an academy award, as I look back over the last year there really are too many people to thank (family, friends, readers, clients, colleagues, co-contributors, etc.).

Work/life fusion has always tried to speak with and for many voices and hopefully this multiplicity has found its way to you the reader, at least some of the time.

[Drifting into the sunset: I'm told it feels better if you're on a yacht]

As work/life fusion gets ready to start its second year, a new career writing project is just about to begin for me and I have the same feeling of uncertainty as I did when this blog was brand new.

The main difference is that I have the benefit of this year's experiences behind me this time around. It has been a tough year for many of us but a similar number will also remember it as a year of finding support, sharing encouragement, envisioning new opportunities and seeking new meaning in our individual relationship with work (evidence of all this has been shared here too).

To anyone looking ahead right now, your experiences and the experiences you have shared with others, are where you can find the inspiration and belief to keep moving forward.

Whether you are kicking off a new job search, continuing career research that started last year or just trying to understand your relationship with work a little bit better, hopefully the stories and perspectives on this blog - and others like it - have contributed something positive to your effort or at the very least reminded you that you are not alone.

A huge, personal thanks to everyone who has been a part of this blog over the last twelve months. Here's to the year ahead and the hope that it will be full of opportunities, surprises, satisfaction and success!

All the best for now,



  1. On behalf of your readers, Paul, I want to thank you for the faithfulness and consistency with which you have approached this blog. The topics, insights and reactions have so often been helpful to me, and I genuinely look forward to each new installment. Here's to a second year of continued success. We'll all be reading!

  2. Hi Chris,

    It goes without saying that your support has been a huge boost throughout the last year and beyond!

    It's fantastic to have your voice and experience contributing here and I am looking forward to the dialogue continuing.

    Here's to building success in the year ahead for your personal & professional endeavours too :)

    Best Regards