Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Great career articles

Just a personal opinion but...

...great career articles do the following things positively:

✪ Answer questions that are important to our careers
✪ Use examples and insight to create opportunities & suggest solutions
✪ Motivate, inspire & make connections between individuals

[Great career articles don't always have random images either]

...and avoid the following negatives:

✪ Lecturing (no-one knows your career better than you)
✪ Bandwagon-Jumping (everyone else is doing it so why aren't you?)
✪ Generalising (your career is unique and so is your definition of personal success)

What's your opinion on great career articles?

For more on career articles:

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  1. For my part, I think what makes a career article "great" is the way in
    which it resonates with the experience of the reader. Therefore, some articles that really help me might be of less help to the next person and visa versa.

    For me, the key is to be open to any all points of view, to test them
    against our viewpoints, accept what helps us and set aside what doesn't.

    In that sense, the question isn't whether the careeer article is great, but how skilled the reader is at recognizing (and taking) value from it!

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I agree with you about the importance of the individual reader's perspective but for me, a great career article can speak directly to many people and leave a number of them with something new to think about that has relevance to individual careers.

    In such cases I believe it is the skill of the story-teller, communicating value to many, even though it might feel to us that we are the sole beneficiary.

    Thanks again for joining the debate and moving our collective understanding forward!

    Best Regards


  3. A career advice article is one that helps the advice seeker by giving the right kind of guidance i.e., giving the correct what to do and what not to do to in following a particular career.
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  4. Thank you for your thought provoking comments and for offering this link to career articles you have found helpful.

    Which is your favourite on this site? Would you call any of them great?

    All the best for now,