Tuesday, 29 April 2008

work/life fusion, perspective and perception

In the previous post, the example of becoming a doctor was used to illustrate how forming a hypothesis based on a fusion of values, talents and goals, offers a real-world testing platform for your career decision making (or, if you have also read an earlier post, your vocationeering).

It is important to stress at this point the importance of gathering external perspectives as part of this process. The way that you define success becomes far more compelling if there is practical, robust reasoning behind it that can be easily explained and understood.

The working experience is littered with self-definitions that are significantly challenged by market experience and/or external opinion. Aspiring to become a CEO and failing to make the grade can be seen as bad luck but in some cases it can also be viewed as external perception being out of step with personal goals and/or beliefs.

Thankfully, the work/life fusion message is not a negative one that suggests that our aspirant CEO should give up. The reality is far more positive because fusion offers such an individual the means to test his/her market feedback, identify any gaps and suggest a graduated path towards qualification. In addition to this, because there is now a closer match between personal and external perspectives, our subject has a better chance when it comes to the discovery and effective management of opportunity situations along the way.

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