Monday, 16 March 2009

What career story do you want to read right now?

What questions would it answer?

If it is out there already, where is it?

If it is not yet out there, can we create it?

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Career Research has been a recent topic here - and because research demands action not just words - the best idea seemed to turn this question into a career research project and post the findings on this blog.

This is an opportunity to research the career topics and questions that you think are important and these can be the objectives of our research:

➊ If answers are already out there, we can post details or links to them here [making it easier for others to find them too]

 If the stories we want to read are missing, we can post the findings of our research on this blog [building new stories & insights together]

So, if you have a career question that you haven't found a good enough answer to yet, let's research it together and see what we can find! I will post questions & answers on this blog as we go. Together we'll make sure that we all benefit from the result!

✪ Send stories [questions to research, articles, links, etc.] via the comment feed for this post: Comments

✪ Email them to worklifefusion[at]googlemail[dot]com

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All the best for now!


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