Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why we work

Successful people have a relationship with work that helps them in a number of ways. All of them positive.

It can be different for each person but success in your relationship with work can be found in elements like: the challenges of your job; the friendships within your team; opportunities to learn & develop; the feeling you are making a difference or the feeling of personal achievement.

Whatever the individual mix might be, successful people have a relationship with work that moves them and moves them forward.

[Is it still a temple if no one worships at it?]

But success isn't just about the good times rolling in. There are times when excitement, energy & inspiration can be obscured by doubt, tiredness or fear. These are the times when our relationship with work reminds us that we work for a reason.

Reminding us why we work during difficult times, our individual reasons give us what we need. For example: the resolve to dig deeper; the determination to keep going; the insight to make changes; the courage to face adversity and overcome major obstacles.

Understanding your relationship with work is critical to career success in a number of ways. All of them positive.

For more about understanding your individual relationship with work follow these links:

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