Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What career story do you want to read right now?

If there is a story or question related to your career and you would like to read it, find it or ask it right now, leave a comment and we can research it together.

This question was first posted here but 'right now' is whenever you are reading it. It means right now. If you have only just found this question - it doesn't matter if it is today, tomorrow or next year - you can respond right now and start a completely new career research project.

 Just to recap, the idea is that you supply the career story or career question and we research it together on this blog. If there are great answers or articles out there already, we'll post them here. If the answers need researching, we can post our results here too 

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Since Monday's post, I have had a few responses via email but have decided that the blog is the better medium for our career research. Normal posting will carry on in the meantime but once we settle on our first story (or question) we can get our first research task started.

Subjects for our research may take a little time coming but that is all part of the process. The main thing is that when the research starts, we can start making progress towards a result!

Until the research begins...

All the best for now,


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