Thursday, 12 June 2008


Continuing the theme of yesterday's post, whether you are job searching, hard at work or as an old boss of mine used to say, hardly working, there are quite often slow periods. The effort ploughed into phone calls, meetings and networking reaches a natural pause where incoming contact is anticipated in return.

These quieter moments are also a useful reminder that momentum is chiefly governed by our individual outputs. If you are job searching, chasing contacts or any other activity requiring two-way interaction your returns are directly linked to the interest you create.

Work/life fusion is a means to define and realise personal success for this reason. Progress is difficult to make with a definition of personal success alone. It is much more likely to be made by having the definition along with the motivation and the means to achieve it.

When a quieter moment becomes extended and deadlines for expected calls and meetings begin to slip by, it may seem inequitable but the next step is down to you. Pick up the phone. Compose that new email. Make that new contact. Ease yourself back into output mode and let momentum and compound interest grow as your search, your contacts, your meetings but most importantly your opportunities, continue to build toward personal success.

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