Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Personal success

When all else is said and done the aim of this blog is advancing personal success. The personal success of any reader with decisions to make about their career future.

Work/life fusion defines personal success using a combination of what is important to us, what we are good at and what keeps us going. Together this combination of values, talents and goals needed a broader definition of success and so the idea of personal success began.

As the questions and case studies evolved on this blog so did the definition of personal success. This evidence so far defines personal success as something that can be achieved every day if progress according to values, talents and goals is made. It also suggests that this daily progress is essential to fulfilling, longer-term objectives.

If Barack Obama is elected President of the US it will be a huge success in his personal and political career not to mention a milestone in the history of that nation. It would also provide Barack Obama the man, with a platform for opportunity and success beyond anything he would have if he lost the election. However, if you could stop the election night victory party for one moment and ask Barack Obama if he thought he was a success there is every chance he would tell you to ask him again in four years time.

Personal success is about achieving milestones but it is also about knowing what we want from our future. With a clearer definition behind us, the management of opportunities to deliver or create or personal success becomes a far more achievable task.


  1. Thanks for this post Paul. I like what you say about success being a combination of what we value, our skills and our motivations.

    For me, I would say that the value of that success can also only be recognised through our own personal satisfaction. ...or is that my motivation?

    Regardless, you are right it is a fusion of who we are and what we want to be.

  2. Thanks for your comment Eilleen,

    The connection you have acknowledged between motivation and satisfaction is at the heart of personal success. Success in the sphere of work alone is no guarantee of fulfilment and that is where a broader, more holistic definition can help.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting!