Monday, 9 June 2008

Why I write

The sentence in the banner at the top of this page has been there since the first post on this blog. When it was written it was the fewest, simplest words I could find to articulate the essence of work/life fusion. A few advertising and marketing professionals have mentioned that the words aren't that few or even that simple!

This will come as no surprise to any reader of this blog.  As a writer I don't have a particular gift for brevity. Where others have already cut to the chase, I am still constructing sentences, using too much punctuation; worrying about unearthing a precise adjective, not to mention fussing about grammar, accentuation and spelling.

On starting this blog I knew that it wasn't the style of writing that would hold a reader's interest. So why do I write? I write chiefly for the belief that work/life fusion works. My experience of talking with hundreds of people over thousands of hours in interview, assessment and general career conversation has taught me that much. When it comes to career direction finding and opportunity management in the real world, work/life fusion is practical and it works.

This blog was started to challenge a hypothesis just as much as to support one. It may yet be disproved but the evidence received to date has helped work/life fusion evolve and strengthen. Individual case studies and questions from readers have made a huge difference in ensuring that the debate moves forward and in helping this blog to show that meaningful success can be different every time.

Taking all of the above into account and thanks to a growing respect for the artistry and talent of copywriters and wordsmiths everywhere, I haven't given up on finding a simpler way to express what work/life fusion is and what it does. My best effort to date: work/life fusion is about finding out what matters to each individual and ensuring that this is present in their objectives and decision making.

Whether that new sentence represents progress is not for me to say...

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