Friday, 6 February 2009

Research not Job Search

The label we give something affects our attitude towards it. If this wasn’t true, the trillions of dollars spent each year on branding would be completely wasted.

(Related Geek Stat: In 2008, the combined value of the 100 most powerful brands in the world was $1.94 trillion. Source: BrandZ Top 100 2008 Report, Millward Brown).

Job Search, Job Seeking, Looking for Work - it doesn’t matter which label you choose, they all speak of a necessary evil, not a positive process.

Thinking about ‘Research’ instead of ‘Job Search’ isn’t an act of spin or re-branding. Research is simply a better label for the tasks we need to undertake in order to achieve the most successful career outcome when we are looking for work.

[A corny image of the road ahead often represents career planning & job search. Gimme a break!]

Here’s a quick like-for-like comparison:

- Research is a skill you can learn. Job Search lacks professional structure & discipline.
- Research aims to understand & resolve complex problems. Job Search lumps all of the issues together and expects them to be solved in one hit.
- Research ensures every event, encounter, success & failure shapes its conclusion. Job Search dismisses most of our experiences as failures.
- Research can be an ongoing process that delivers continuous value. Job Search we can’t wait to get over.

It is Research not Job Search that is more likely to deliver success in your next career move. Perhaps Job Search is something we can avoid after all!

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