Friday, 26 September 2008

For the to-do list or the don't call us pile?

With all due apologies, today's post is more of a collection of thoughts than collected thought.
  • Taking the time to study the career events and achievements you are most proud of, or have remained connected to over time, offers useful insight into your relationship with work
  • Starting a career dialogue that is ongoing, inquisitive and challenging creates more meaning in your relationship with work and the overall direction of your career
  • Setting out to find a vocation is a difficult task but gaining a better understanding of what is important to us in our work, what we are good at and what keeps up going, can help to define our vocation more clearly and move us steadily towards it
  • Instead of being something to achieve in the distant future, with a greater insight into our values, talents and goals, personal success can become part of our working experience today
Have a great weekend!


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