Monday, 19 January 2009

Work, relationships & your career

Work creates relationships and relationships create work.

This is especially true with career and job search management. Your past successes at work have created relationships that can help you in the future. Sometimes this can be simple, direct help like a reference from an old boss. Other times it can be indirect help, following a sequence of events that no-one is controlling.

Using a personal example for a change, I was once introduced to a company on the recommendation of a old colleague.  Our relationship - the relationship we had made when we worked together in the past - was the only reason this connection was made. I wasn't looking for work at the time. Neither had I asked to be recommended. Our relationship created an opportunity out of the blue. Simple as that.

Without question, relationships from your past - and in particular your past successes at work - hold the potential to create new work and new success for you in the future. And this is just one in a number of advantages that you and your career will always possess.

[It was only when he was lying on a beach, on a sub-tropical island paradise, that Stephen's work/life relationship seemed balanced]


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