Monday, 2 February 2009

Making intelligent career choices

The ability to make intelligent career choices is open to us all.

This may seem like an obvious statement but I am not convinced that everyone would agree with it.

Some might argue that you can only make intelligent choices if you yourself are intelligent. Others might go on to say that because intelligence is shared out unequally, not everyone can make intelligent choices.

Personally, I do not subscribe to either view because I am convinced that intelligent choice is open to us all (I also don't believe that intelligence is unequal but that is another story).

Regardless how clever others say we are - or how clever we believe ourselves to be - we can all make intelligent choices. Just as it is also true that the very cleverest of people make foolish choices too.

Intelligent career choice relies - among other things - on our individual ability to understand our relationship with work. It also depends how we are judging or defining career success to ourselves, as well as to those around us.

Intelligent career choice is therefore something that we can learn more about and - another thing that levels the playing field - there is no barrier to entry other than our own motivation to better understand our relationship with work.

Anyone with the will to spend a little time on this subject will begin to make more intelligent choices and make progress in their career along the way.

[P.S. Where is Tom Cruise when you need him?]

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