Thursday, 15 May 2008

Why the case studies?

Today's post was going to be another case study but I am happy to answer a reader's question about case studies instead. The question was, "Are the case studies real people and, if so, where do they come from?" A fair question indeed!

Each of the case studies are true and the individuals are real. In true Hollywood style, the names, times and places have been changed or omitted in order to allow the stories to be shared. The idea behind the case study format is to show how real people have dealt with real career situations and how work/life fusion can help - directly in some cases, providing a perspective in others.

All of the case studies on this blog have at some time or another been related to me directly in my past professional capacity as a researcher, recruiter, interviewer and assessor. More recently they have been directly related and interpreted through my professional capacity as a career management consultant and exponent of the work/life fusion approach.

I hope that this short post sheds a little more light on these case studies and how they fit into the discussion. New questions or case studies are welcome so feel free to join the conversation if you have a situation or event to contribute. Thanks for reading and thank you for your questions!

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