Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Splitting decisions

When faced with decisions traditional career planning often starts with the perfect solution and works backwards. Less than perfect is the reality we are schooled to accept but does this mean that all we can do is resign ourselves to less than perfect choices? In my view and in the view of work/life fusion, proof continues to build that there is more in our power than just learning to live with imperfection.

As demonstrated in Lise's story we have the opportunity to change decisions from a simple weighing-up of good and bad attributes into something that resembles a more empowered choice. With a clearer idea of personal success (based on foundations that we can test individually and externally) a genuine choice can be made for its relevance to the present and the future as well.

Individual choices will have their challenges but they can be made with greater assurance (or less doubt if you prefer) that the decision is the right one in each case. The perfect option might present itself one day but until it arrives, progress can be made toward goals that a growing number of individuals are now defining for themselves.

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