Thursday, 1 May 2008

What having a direction achieves

Among a new breed of career management theorists, there are some who say there is no room for traditional career planning. What we know about work/life fusion agrees with this but it also goes on to offer something in its place. Work/life fusion supports the need for a career hypothesis (based on individual values, talents and goals) that can be tested, adapted and evolved in pursuit of personal (or work/life) success.

Understanding individual values, talents and goals to define a career direction might at first seem like an exercise only for those with too much time on their hands. To argue this point succinctly, maybe what work/life fusion has been missing up to now is a simple way of defining just what having such a direction achieves. To that end, opinions on the following are invited:

work/life fusion: Changing the question, "Where is my career going?" into the statement "Where my career is going."

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