Monday, 12 May 2008

Career pressure points

Earlier today, the subject of when to apply career planning came up in conversation. Applying work/life fusion to the aim of personal success is something that this blog has covered from the outset but what are the typical situations that call for a broader conversation around career planning and decision making?

Career 'pressure points' tend to fall under two general headings: Individual and Organisational. Probably too diverse in their nature to attempt an exhaustive list, examples of both types of event can be found below:

Individual: Career Entry/Re-entry, Promotion, Role Change, Career Direction Change, Redundancy, Retirement/Semi-Retirement, Appraisal/Assessment and Stalling/Lack of Satisfaction

Organisational: Leadership/Management Change, Buy-Out/Take-Over, Strategic Direction Change, Growth, Business Failure/Closure, Values/Culture Change and Relocation

Recently in the news, the ups and downs of the economy could have found a place in the list but reactions to economic pressures can be found within the individual and organisational groupings in events like company closure, redundancy, strategic direction change and so on.

Over the next few posts, the focus of this blog will be on some of the more common career pressure points. Where appropriate (as with the earlier post Grace's story) there will be supporting dialogue through case studies of individuals who have applied elements of work/life fusion in their responses.

If you are reading and have any career pressure points or specific questions to contribute, please feel free to leave a comment and I will incorporate them into a future post. Like me, I hope you are looking forward to the conversation continuing into this new phase!

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