Monday, 19 May 2008

Lise's story - Returning to Work

To end this little run of case studies is a situation that most of us face at some stage or other in our careers, having to choose between one option and another. A devilish twist that might sound familiar too is when neither option seems ideal.

Lise was a successful senior executive with an important decision to make about her future. She was returning to work after a short career break, catching up with her family after a history of jobs with a demanding work and travel schedule. Lise's job search had reached the stage where a couple of choices had presented themselves. Both were exciting but she could not ignore the fact that each one had its negative aspects too.

Work/life fusion assisted Lise's decision because it helped her gain a better understanding of what was important to her. With this new knowledge, Lise could explore the positives and negatives in each option and for the first time have a meaningful benchmark to compare them against.

Supported by a clearer view of her values, talents and goals, Lise was able to chose a role that delivered both personally and professionally. In the context of work/life fusion, Lise's story is an excellent example of defining personal success to enable you and those around you to recognise the opportunities that deliver it best.

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