Wednesday, 30 April 2008

vocationeering (redux)

Just a short post today. I received some feedback from James, a new reader in London, about the dictionary definitions for the word vocation contained in an earlier post. James pointed out that the word vocation also describes a calling or compulsion to follow a particular work/life path, and that it can be used in the religious sense. It is therefore important to make the distinction that, in the context of vocationeering, a vocation is best described as below:

vocation: an occupation for which a person is suited, trained or qualified (

Thanks again to James for making this important point. It highlights how easy it is for messages to become mixed but, more importantly in the context of work/life fusion, it also highlights the way a hypothesis can be challenged and, if the test is withstood, become stronger as a result.

Here's to more feedback as time goes on!

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