Wednesday, 7 July 2010

England's World Cup Exit and Me

I promised not to get drawn in but this World Cup got me all the same.

It crept up on me. I could feel the excitement building as exciting new places like Jo’burg’s Soccer City came together and fans from all over started gathering in South Africa (Soccer City Stadium is the one that looks like an African calabash cup/pot in case you were wondering).

As the football started, I wrote and added World Cup pictures on this blog, also chatting with friends and on facebook about England (my team) and their chances.

Sadly :( what happened to England is no secret but I’m writing about the way I feel now and what it feels like to be involved.

My disappointment didn’t last, but my involvement does.

Don’t worry, he didn’t stay unhappy for long.
[Image courtesy of Axel B├╝hrmann on Flickr]

We feel the highs and the lows whenever we’re involved.

If something good happens, try taking the smile off your face. Find me an unhappy Dutch football fan right now! I challenge you to find someone dressed head-to-toe in orange without a smile on their face between now and Sunday. Come back and tell me how you get on! Oh, and while you’re out there looking, try to spot a happy Uruguayan. OK, there will be some but not as many as there were last week. Just like there weren’t too many happy England fans a week or so ago (Uruguay supporters, I’m with you today!).

But being a football fan isn’t everything. There’s plenty more in life to make us happy, sad and everything else in between. When you’re involved, whatever you are involved with, there’ll be highs and lows in the future that’s for sure. Giving you hope when you need it most and keeping your feet on the ground when things go your way.

As an England fan and a football fan there’s still plenty I’m looking forward to in the last few games of this World Cup but I’m also looking forward to the next England game, the next tournament and the next opportunity for my team to show what they can do.

I’m involved and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Thanks David,
    Your comments are always appreciated!
    Hope you enjoyed the World Cup too :)
    All the Best, Paul.