Friday, 30 July 2010

A one-time neighbour of the moon

People achieve incredible things in their careers

Yet we still know so little about them.

What made them tick, why they were successful, what they put it all down to.

Take Michael Collins for example.

Discover more about Michael Collins, a one-time neighbour of the moon
[Image courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr]

Michael Collins' career story is an incredible one but I'm not going to tell it here. Instead I want you to think about another career story. One that's too often overlooked. Too often in the shadows of the comparisons we make around it.

The career I want you to think about is still full of opportunity. Full of waiting-to-happen twists, turns and achievements and much more besides. A career with so much in it waiting to be discovered, one we can question as respectfully and carefully as we question the stellar careers of those we look up to.

This career is made up of old and new experiences for us to value and treat with a genuine curiosity. A story we can step inside and get behind with zeal, with zest and an insatiable appetite that leaves us wanting more.

All that and more is possible in the career I want you to think about right now, and that career is your own.

From a one-time neighbour of the moon, and from me, right back down here on Earth, explore your career for everything within it still waiting to be found!

All the best for now,

* * * * *

I'm taking a break from blogging in August
but work/life fusion will be back in September.
Thank you for reading and for your continued support throughout the year. Have a great Summer where you are!


  1. Thanks again for commenting here David :)

    There's so much potential in every career, all we have to do is find the time, space and encouragement to look for it and be pleasantly surprised by what we discover.

    All the best for now,


  2. Pay attention to your ambitions when they make sense in practical terms. Dreams are always good to follow, it’s getting there that matters.

  3. Thanks for your comment Job, I like your website too!

    I think you have asked an interesting new question as well, i.e. How do you know when your ambitions make sense in practical terms?

    It's a tough one but well worth exploring. What do you reckon?

    All the best for now,