Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Art of Meeting the World Head-On

Why bother?
I used to make the same train journey every day. One part of the line passed behind a row of houses. Written in big letters on the back of one house were the words, "Why bother?".

After years of seeing this question, myself and the other passengers on the trains were treated to a direct response. On the back of the house next door someone painted the words, "Why not?".

From that day on "Why bother?" and "Why not?" were seen together. Existential graffiti at its best :)

Why not?
Your answer to this question might be very different to mine but they will have plenty in common too.

Planning is one thing but being bothered and making things happen is full of work-arounds, imperfect solutions, bodges, kludges, compromises and pieces that hold together for no apparent reason.

If it ain't broke... Well, you know the rest.

The graffiti and even the houses are now gone
but the art of the existential statement lives on!
[Image courtesy of icathing on Flickr]

Why bother?
Maybe you'll be spurred on by the desire to figure out what you want. Maybe the catalyst will be an event, something that happens and makes you think twice.

Maybe it will be a gentle push or a not so gentle kick-up-the-backside from some of your personal 'What ifs?' or even your very own random graffiti experience perhaps.

Whatever it is, a simple thought will find you and for whatever reason it won't go away.

Why not?
This question brings us back down to earth. Ask yourself this question and be free about it. Find your own reasons to bother and learn what you're not all that bothered about. Treat "Why bother?" and "Why not?" with the same respect and discover a closer relationship with both.

I want to get better at meeting the world head-on. The little glimpses I've had so far, especially from the people who do it so well, make me certain it's something worth bothering about.

All the best for now,


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