Friday, 16 July 2010

Tying-up Loose Ends

I haven't taken up sewing or knot-fancying or anything else dubious that involves rope,

But I'm slowly knitting things together all the same.

You already know what I'm talking about. It goes on all the time.

Something happened to us a while ago, we forgot about it but then weeks, months or even years later and 'Boom!', it catches right back up with us and makes sense like it never did before.

It doesn't have to be something big and it's not always a 'Boom!' of recognition either. It can be a 'Flash', a 'Ping', a 'Boing' or even a 'Boink' for that matter (although some 'A-ha' noises have other meanings so we need to be careful).

The story that goes with this image is hard but it also has hope.
[Both story & image are here courtesy of Hryck. on Flickr]

Still not sure what I'm on about?

What about the job that never came off, the call that never came back or the interview question you could never nail. How about the difference of opinion with a manager or colleague when you usually got on with that person so well. What about that chance meeting or letter or little phrase you read in an article or a book that stuck in your heard for no apparent reason.

Well I'm talking about that reason and the very moment it came to you, switching on all the lights as it burst through the door.

Some loose ends we work hard to tie up and we're successful but it takes a lot of effort to get this done. Other loose ends, no matter how hard we wrestle with them, only make sense in their own sweet time, plus we usually need help or input from someone or something outside to get us moving.

Still not sure and think all this is hokum? Take a look at this personal example from yesterday. A few other things to do if you want to be sure before making your mind up: keep an eye on the little things as they happen to you and follow your nose when you're curious.

If something is interesting see where it takes you.

You never know when a loose end is going to tie up!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are,

All the best

* * * * *

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