Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Career Heroes

A client asked me yesterday [in my professional capacity as a career coach], “Have you ever struggled with career decisions or had moments of crisis or doubt?”. I replied, “All of the time.”

That was when he laughed.

Actually, we both laughed because it reminded us of past ‘experts’ who showed no weakness in themselves. Those super-men and wonder-women [with brightly coloured capes and underpants worn outside of their tights] who made us feel a little embarrassed for needing their help.

It really is a super-power that super-heroes can make us feel self-conscious when it's them who dress so badly :)

[Bay Bridge Sunset - see more at Saundra's Flickr Photostream here]

A career coach admitting to career issues might sound like a fundamental flaw. Like a seasick sailor, a cowboy with a horse-allergy or an entomologist scared by creepy-crawlies. Sometimes, our career-heroes appear to have a flawless history but appearances can hide a great deal. Sometimes neat packaging is nothing more than that.

In my client’s position, I’d want the truth because it would help me to use better judgement and make better decisions. Much of my work together with this client focused on doubts and testing beliefs. Our relevant personal and professional experiences on both sides could only help.

So what's your opinion?

 Of all the pleasure boats in the harbour you might still choose the one with the sickly looking Captain. [He is telling you the sea might be rough. If you decide the trip is still worth it, grab a sick-bag and get on board!]

 She might have bloodshot eyes and a runny nose but would you ride home the cattle with anyone else?

 Your comments [particularly if you are a successful entomologist with arachnophobia] are welcome!

All the best for now,


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  1. Right on brother! Any expert who claims to have THE answers and no personal flaws is one to beware of. We're always learning and always growing. While I certainly don't dump all my stuff on a person I'm working with, I make it clear it's only human to have flaws, doubts, fear, and all that other stuff. In fact, I find a better connection because of it. And we get to our goals not only in spite of all that, but sometimes because of what it adds.

    Ronnie Ann