Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Managing Career Change II

If you stopped by last October, you might recall reading about Prem.

Prem wanted to break into a new industry but he was finding it difficult. He was battling the perception that his experiences had no relevance outside his old work.

✪ Could Prem change these perceptions?
✪ Could he prove his experiences were valid in this new field?
✪ Could he get anyone to give him a break?

When Prem and I first spoke, he was already feeling like his choices were running out. To give us both the lift we needed, first we focused on the good news: at least Prem had choices!

We followed this up by establishing a shared belief in the fact that Prem's choices were actually the biggest single factor influencing his career success. Prem's intention to move his career into a new industry was his choice and his chief motivating factor after all.

[Louvre Voyeur - see more at Saundra's Flickr Photostream here]

Managing Your Career

✪ Are you in a situation like Prem?
✪ Have you successfully switched from one industry to another?
✪ How did you get your big career break?
✪ What does managing our careers give us in common?

Comment is welcome & free!

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