Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What is career satisfaction?

I was asked this question the other day and I offered the following response:

"Sometimes, I think about career satisfaction as an outcome. At the end of my career, if I have good friends, good memories and the knowledge that I tried my best and did right by other people too, I will look back on my achievements with genuine pride."

Thinking about this some more, I still like my answer but I now think it is just that: My answer. Not yours or anyone else's. Just an answer that means something to me.

[Take a little 'me' time to reflect - see more at Saundra's Flickr Photostream here]

So where does that leave your answer?

Like me, you have to answer this question yourself. That doesn't mean you should do it alone (I certainly didn't!). It means that the answer is much more meaningful if it is your own and not someone else's.

Your answer may be similar to someone else's but no two answers have to be the same. They don't have to be different either. An answer just has to be yours.

You'll know when you have an answer that works because it will mean something to you. It will motivate you as you look forward, feel fulfilling as you enact it and be satisfying when you look back on it.

Your answer is as individual as your career!

You don't have to publish your answers here but it would be great if you did! I got more than I expected from giving this question some thought. Particularly when it comes to thinking about the judgement we will all have to make, looking back on our careers when we come to retire.

All the best for now,


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