Monday, 4 August 2008

Career leadership and Personal success

With a clearer idea of personal success any individual can exercise a greater degree of leadership over their career. Decision making and direction gain new, helpful reference points and situations become easier to recognise for the opportunities they present.

Examining what is important to us, what we are good at and what keeps us going (our values, talents and goals) helps us to understand our relationship with work. As they begin to take shape, our results also make it harder for external factors to separate us from the sources of our satisfaction. This remains true even during stressful career events like redundancy and unemployment.

For example, if delivering great customer service is important to you [and if you are good at it and you want to do more of it in the future] an event like redundancy does little to change this. Whatever the difficulties an event like this causes, your ability to deliver great service [and your desire to deliver more in the future] are not in any way diminished by it.

Of course, individual careers and the changes they must go through are more complicated than the above example but pursuing personal success can create leadership opportunities and does enable informed choice even in tough career situations.

[Thanks to everyone who has read and contributed to this blog over the last few months. There will be a short holiday break but posts should resume towards the end of next week. Enjoy your hols and all the best! Paul]

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