Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back to School

September means back to school after a long break if you are a student but what about the rest of us?

If we are lucky enough to have one, the Summer holiday for most people of working age is a long weekend, a week, maybe even two weeks if we are really blessed.

Some time away from the shop, the desk or wherever else we sit down, stand up or lay on our backs to work (and before your mind runs elsewhere, mechanics lay on their backs to get under cars and trucks. Shame on you!).

Maybe some people have the luxury of not thinking too much about work during August but September is the end of the holidays for most of them too.

If you have been looking for work throughout August, or your Summer of work has been unsettled in some other way, there is a pretty good chance you missed out on the holiday feeling. It is possible that your future at work was all you could think about.

[It could so easily be British Summertime at the Seaside but it's a California Storm - see more at Saundra's Flickr Photostream here]

You might have spent a lot of your time on the phone, scouring the classifieds, writing letters of application, working on your CV/Resume or doing the rounds of job fairs and interviews.

While the sun shone [if you spent summer outside the UK that is] you may have stayed true to the task of making your job or your work situation better.

All you could bring yourself to do, might have been to sit there and wonder or worry about what to do next.

Whatever you did, I want you to know that it was worth it.

If any of the above reminds you of the Summer you just had, then let your time spent this way be a ray of sunshine to keep you warm as the weather gets cooler.

The time you have spent thinking and doing throughout June, July and August has not been wasted because it has focused on your relationship with work.

Even if you feel like you got nothing in return, these months will have taught you something of your courage, your determination and your ability to keep going.

Even if all you got were letters of rejection, you should know that within the process of achieving that response, lies something of the grit and the skill that will win you a letter of acceptance one day.

Whatever you did, if you did any of the above it was worth it. Let that fond memory of Summer keep you going now that we are all back to school!

All the best for now,



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