Thursday, 30 July 2009

Drawing Conclusions

If you add up the posts, the comments, the relationships and everything else here on work/life fusion, what conclusions would you draw so far?

Here are a few I have come to:

Work/life fusion doesn’t try to offer definitive career answers but it does aim to maximise career opportunities whatever your individual situation
Work/life fusion does try to show that individual career choices can make a difference and that career choices/decisions are best taken by you, wherever possible
Work/life fusion does try to secure your belief - with evidence and fact - that your career can move forward, even if it has stalled

Work/life fusion doesn’t stand or fall on individual career successes - yours, mine or anyone else's - but it's important to know what it stands for

What conclusions do you draw so far?

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A big Thank You to everyone who has read, commented and linked here throughout the year. I'm taking a break from blogging in August but will be online for email and comments too.

If it's Summer where you are, I hope you're enjoying it. If it's Winter or just one long season all year round, know that you probably won't see as much cloud and rain as I will here in the UK :)

See you all in September!

All the best for now,



  1. The Blog has helped me remember the power of my own choices, Paul. Work/Life Fusion is all about the countless, individual choices we all make in our lives. I will certainly look forward to the resumption of the dialogue in September. Have a great break!

  2. Thanks for your comment Chris,

    In the context of your individual relationship with work, it is how you wield your power to make choices that makes all the difference.

    Enjoy your Summer too!

    All the best


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  4. Thank you for your comment and kind invitation Imran,

    Please contact me via worklifefusion(at)googlemail(dot)com with your questions.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Best Regards