Monday, 20 April 2009

Make it known!

A formidable lady I worked for used to say, "Have the guts to ask!"

Get your intentions out there.

Once you know what you want, make it known to others.

Part of this is being prepared for any answer. If the thing we want is close to our heart, none of us want to hear we can't have it or that it's beyond our reach for now.

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It makes sense to test first when it comes to your career. When you know what is important to you, what you are good at and what you want for the future, you can define it for others. You know what to ask for.

You might not get the answer you want first time around but any answer you get can be learnt from. In every answer there will be something to help you move forward.

If you are unsure what to ask for, you can examine your experience and your values, talents and goals. When you are sure what you want, prepare yourself for every possible answer and go out and ask for it!

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  1. Good advice, Paul. I would only add that for those in their own businesses, this same reasoning applies for your relationships with clients and customers. Do not hesitate to ask for the business, or the decision, or the delivery or whatever else you need. Communication is the key that unlocks the door of possibility!

  2. Great advice Chris! :)

    It is also a reminder how close the career and the business perspective often are. The right behaviour is the right behaviour after all!

    Thanks for your comment and for making this valuable distinction!

    Best Regards for now,


  3. Great post. Far too often, it seems to me, too much time and energy is spent worrying about an issue, instead of just asking and getting an answer sooner. Ask away is what I say.
    gl hoffman

  4. Thank you GL Hoffman!

    I also agree with you that time & energy spent worrying could be put to much better use, especially in our careers!

    Thank you for your first time comment here :)

    Best Regards