Friday, 3 April 2009

Learned self-leadership?

Is it a contradiction to say that self-leadership can be learned?

With true self-leadership, shouldn't you already know what you want?

Maybe, but isn't it also possible to learn more about what you want and get better at making informed choices over time? In the same way you get better at most things if you make an effort to learn more about them?

[San Francisco, CA - see more at Saundra's Photostream here

In my view, self-leadership is important to career success but critical to meaningful, personal career success. What makes it worth learning is the richness of reward in your relationship with work. The potential for satisfaction and fulfilment in individual work/life.

Have a great weekend wherever you are!

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[✪ This is a great night shot of San Francisco. It spoke of waiting in line and following the person in front of you (an analogy for poor career management and the antithesis to making your own choices and finding your own way). The car crossing to the left also offers a wonderful feeling of speed and movement (possibly even freedom or progress). The driver could just be lucky that there is no traffic in his/her direction but she/he could just as easily know a better route to where they want to be! If you interpret the pic in a different way, let us know! All the best, Saundra & Paul]

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