Tuesday, 14 April 2009

If you fell down today...

Our careers sometimes turn us into novices again.

The above is true regardless of who we are, how old or how experienced.

No one person has seen or done it all.

The lessons do lessen in number for most of us as our careers continue, as we learn from our own experiences and from the experience of others. It is worth remembering, even if the occasions are rare, that sometimes we have more in common with the individual on their first day of work than we like to think.

[Captured by the Louvre - see more at Saundra's Flickr Photostream here]

The more aware we are of our attitude towards learners, the easier it is for us to embrace learning ourselves. The better our attitude towards learners, the greater our potential to learn with others and learn for ourselves.

H.G. Wells said, "If you fall down today, stand up tomorrow." He might also have agreed that standing up after a fall is easier when you are looking up at someone holding out their hand.

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