Monday, 26 January 2009

Managing career opportunities

Managing career opportunities is something we all need to do. It is one of the great levellers of the working world. You, me, Chief Executives, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Gardeners, Lathe Turners & Catering Assistants. We can't ignore the fact that someone else can and will do our jobs and take our promotions (End of scare-mongering sermon).

[He was only a balloon animal but Tancred the Tiger knew
an interior design opportunity when he saw one]

Looking back at the previous opportunity management posts on this blog, it seemed like a good time to give each one a more descriptive title:

Opportunity Management could also be expressed as getting the best out of the situations with the potential to move your career forward. You could also call it a level of preparedness that means you won't miss a trick. I chose Opportunity Management because I like how it puts you in control (as the Manager) and reminds you that something good can come your way at any time (that's the Opportunity).

The winners in a market with more people actively searching for work will be those who (among other things): see opportunities quickly & accurately; respond positively to change; understand which opportunities are most relevant to their careers; make progress in a deliberate direction & approach opportunities with mutual benefit in mind.

It's a long list and it isn't anywhere near complete but the good news is that the effective management of career opportunities can be achieved and it is definitely a subject that we will continue to explore on this blog!

As always, your career-related comments, questions and stories are welcomed.

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