Monday, 22 March 2010

Over Time

I have a choice to make...

How will I know what to do for the best?

This time no one can tell me what to do...

Will I ever arrive at the right answer?

I keep hearing "You'll know what to do" when it's clear that I don't...


Sometimes you just have to try something new
[Image courtesy of bonnix (Scotty) on Flickr]

If you're reading this with a big choice or decision on your mind, one way to build trust in your judgement is to look back on the choices you have made in the past.

Not to convince yourself that you have always been right, more to prove what you know...

...and what you have learned over time.


  1. Paul,

    Great post! I always get a lot from this blog, and just at the right time. I wonder what other peoples choices are at the moment, but I know I'm always dealing with this since I work with startups to help them 'find themselves' (and their brand) and I'm not always successful as emotions can easily run high with startups when you get close to their brand before its fully developed. That said, it seems I'm always considering what I can do better and if I should just do something else entirely!!

    I'm not sure about 'always' being right ;) but I do agree with what you've taught me about looking back on my previous decisions as justifiable positions - i.e. they may not look or feel great now, but they were justifiable at the time and so I need to appreciate that.

    Over time I'm learning that its 'ok to not have it all figured out' and to enjoy my time exploring the grey space in life.

    Thanks Paul!

    Still exploring,

  2. Hey Kyle,

    Thanks for your comment and for what you have said about the blog from your point of view. A blogger like me puts this stuff out there but I only really learn when a reader like you says something about it. In this case I could say you are justifying my choice to write it! ;)

    On the subject of our choices, it does make us feel better to know they were justifiable at the time (as you rightly say) but they're also justifiable because they are a part of getting us to where we are today and where we are going/where we'll be tomorrow. And yes, that definitely includes the choices that don't look or feel all that great to us now.

    Thanks again for sharing!