Monday, 14 June 2010

Blowing Your Own Trumpet

The World Cup in South Africa is getting into its stride but there's a big noise not everyone is enjoying.

There's still talk about banning the Vuvuzela

But would that really make anyone happy?

Something for the nay-sayers to think about
[Image courtesy of Coca-Cola South Africa on Flickr]

There is always a choice to be made and we are free to choose one way or the other

On this issue and many others like it.

But there might also be an acid test, to help us see both sides of a debate like this.

I challenge anyone to pick up a Vuvuzela

- even the highest ranking FIFA official -

and not be tempted to give it a blow.


  1. This is the African way - loud and energetic. Just like we are. The World Cup is in Brazil next, and then? Maybe somewhere in Europe? Then you can ban it. But now? It's in Africa and we cannot be anything except who we are.

  2. You said it, and I completely agree!

    The World Cup is in Africa so it is ludicrous to expect supporters to be anything else than who they are. Banning the Vuvuzela is like trying to ban drums and whistles when the host nation is Brasil, or telling supporters not to sing when the World Cup comes back to Europe.

    You made your point and you made it beautifully. Keep blowing your trumpet and leave the killjoys to talk of their bans while they wonder what it would be like to join a party as loud and energetic as yours, the first World Cup in Africa :)

  3. alll i can say is...nice draw with us YANKS this weekend!! ROOOOONEY!!! where u at, where u at???

    Luv u Paul!!

  4. Luv u too Kyle,

    On a post about blowing your own trumpet, it was only a matter of time before you showed up ;)

    See you in the second round (We hope!)