Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What's stopping you?

If we're not careful, we can spend our careers wondering...

Can it be done?
Is it possible?
Can I do it?
What happens if I fail?

But - if you were careful - could you wonder like this instead...

It can be done.
It is possible.
I can do it.
Whatever happens I'll learn something.

What difference would it make to your career if you could?

Inspiration is like a beautiful sunset.
You don't have to be in a beautiful place to experience it.

All the best for now



  1. You nailed it this week, Paul. Attitude is everything. Confidence, positivity, hope, and authenticity are the things that unlock career value. Thanks for keeping these principles in front of your readers' eyes!

  2. Seeing myself as a willing and passionate adventurer who is exploring my career has completely transformed me from the days of seeing my 'job' as another day, another burden...

    Thanks for keeping me focused in a positive and healthy, not to mention extremely fun direction Paul!

  3. There really is nothing to stop any of us choosing a more positive attitude and exploring our careers with a willingness to learn.

    Thanks to you both for your thought-provoking, encouraging comments :)