Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Finding Yourself in a New Place

One day you're at work and everything's familiar.

The next day you're somewhere new and everything has changed.

Somewhere new can be a variety of places...

It might be a new company,
it could be sitting at home needing to start a new job search,
just as it can be anywhere else in-between.

Wherever or whatever the new place for you,

you'll probably be facing plenty of change.

I found myself in another new place recently too.
Can you guess where?

The new place I had to adjust to recently was a new blog.

I knew from the beginning it was going to be different but it took a little longer (plus a little help from a friend) to realise this new place also demanded something different from me.

At first I just carried on as before, writing what I write here in a very similar way. But by staying the same I was missing the point. I was also missing the opportunities a new place always has the potential to create.

Yes they are different, maybe even a little scary at first but new places can also be encouraging, inspiring even, as we learn more about them and what they ask us to change.

Although everyone's situation will be different, the shared experience of finding ourselves in new places is just one more thing that brings us together.

One more thing that invites us to explore our careers.

Best Regards for now,


* * * * *

Would you like to share a 'new place' career experience?

Who or what helped you deal with the change?
How did you adjust to the new place you found yourself in?
What would you say to someone going through change like this right now?


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  2. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your thoughts on this subject :)

    Best Regards, Paul