Monday, 12 April 2010

Into the Future!

work/life fusion is 2 years old next week.

From the very first post I wanted this blog to be a conversation about work that included everyone.

A career exchange valuing and building on individual experiences, excluding no-one.

Today, I still have exactly the same ambition for this blog but 2 years have taught me a great deal.

My intentions are the same but the future looks very different indeed...

Where you want your career to go
By Atholl McDonald (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

I believe wholeheartedly that a conversation about work - excluding no-one - can be created and hosted online. We also have the opportunity to learn something new with every step towards this intention; this archive of the last 2 years is evidence of that.

Within the next month, work/life fusion will be joined by 3 new things: A Book, A Blog & A Place to Explore. These brand new places to talk about work and explore our careers will breathe new life into the original intentions of this blog and I will introduce you to these 3 things first, right here where it all started.

To everyone who has read, joined-in and actively supported work/life fusion over the last 2 years, I can't say Thank You enough but this is my first try. I hope you decide to stick around and lend your voice and your experience to this new, extended conversation. I for one am looking forward to creating new opportunities together in the future, doing what work/life fusion has always wanted and tried to do...

Talk about work in a way that excludes no-one.

All my best to you for now,



  1. Congratulations Paul on your blogiversary and all the cool stuff ahead. To paraphrase one of our favorite authors...Oh the places you are going! So excited for you - and for all of us who get to be included in the conversation as well as in the journey!

  2. Thank You Ronnie Ann, Oh the places we are all going!

    Here's to sharing the conversation and the journey in the future, as well as happy blog birthdays to come :)

  3. Congratulations on this important milestone, Paul. I am excited about continuing to be part of the ongoing journey.

  4. Thanks Chris, Your thoughtful, active participation has been great throughout so it's also great to hear that you're up for this more accessible & welcoming future. I promise neither of us will need to grow a mohawk ;)