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Interview with Ford R. Myers

In my opinion, there is always room in the world for a new book that aims to help you take charge of your career.

Ford R. Myers' new book, 'Get the Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring' not only aims to help you take charge of your career, Ford also thinks it can help you find a job that you love and earn what you deserve too!

With a recipe for amazing career success like this, I guessed that you might want to know more. I am therefore delighted to say that Ford has very kindly agreed to answer a few questions here...

Ford, Thank You for joining us on the work/life fusion blog. Here's our first question for you:

What was your intention when you sat down to write this book?

My intention in writing this book was to provide everyone with the tools and resources that are necessary to take charge of their careers, find the work they love and earn what they deserve. To survive and thrive In today’s very challenging job market, the unique strategies and special skills featured in my book are absolutely essential.

What kind of people do you think your book helps the most?

This book is most helpful to readers who are motivated to achieve their professional potential, and who are willing to take full responsibility for their career outcomes. Additionally, this book is most appropriate for people who have already achieved some level of success and accomplishment in their careers – as opposed to entry-level readers.

What's the best thing a reader could say about your book?

The best thing a reader could say about my book is that it opened their eyes to what’s possible in their careers – and that it provided all the practical tools needed to achieve their career goals.

Is there a reader success story that really put a smile on your face?

Last month, a reader called to tell me about his experience with my book. He told me that he had been very anxious for weeks about his upcoming performance review. He feared the worst, and had even started “putting out feelers” for other jobs. Then, he read about my book in The New York Times. He purchased a copy immediately, and studied it closely from cover to cover. This gave him a fresh perspective, and a totally new approach to use at his performance review. By the time his meeting with the boss concluded, not only had this reader not been let go, but he had been promoted two levels with a substantial raise. He told me, “I never could have imagined such a result, had it not been for the strategies in your fabulous book!”

Do you expect the book to have a lasting effect on people and their careers?

If readers have an open mind, do all the exercises, review the entire book, and consistently implement the primary strategies – yes, I am certain that it will have a lasting effect on their careers.

To what do you attribute your own success?

I attribute my own success to many factors, including: hard work and persistence, following a detailed plan, and striving to do better and be more. Because I spent many years in a different industry, I bring a unique perspective to Career Coaching. In addition, I always under-promise and over-deliver, with uncompromising standards of integrity and quality. I strive to touch every client’s life on a personal level, and never provide “cookie-cutter” programs. This has led to lasting relationships, as well as a constant stream of client referrals and business opportunities.

Have there ever been moments in your career when you needed support?

There have definitely been moments in my career when I needed support. I have always known how to ask for help and solicit the resources I needed, because real success cannot be achieved or sustained “on your own.” One type of assistance I received many years ago was in the form of hiring my own Career Consultant, who helped me in a profound way by facilitating the shift into my current career.

What did you turn to during difficult times before your book was around?

During difficult times, before my book was around, I turned to friends and family – and also to other consultants and coaches in my field. These support systems were enormously beneficial, and continue to be so even now.

What support are you offering to readers of your book if they have follow-up questions?

As it clearly states in my book, if readers have follow-up questions, they are welcome to contact my office any time. I (or another Career Coach on my team), will respond promptly to address the reader’s question or problem. Many readers have already reached-out to me, and this experience has been most gratifying. In addition, there are extensive online resources that come along with the book, which are available 24/7 – for free!

What changes do you see ahead of us in the future of jobs and work?

The biggest change I see in the future of “jobs” is that the fundamental definition of work is in the process of shifting dramatically. The work-world our parents experienced no longer exists; yet no new concept of work has been fully established. In a sense, all working people are therefore in a “state of limbo,” waiting to see how the career landscape will look “when the dust settles.” For many, this is a disorienting and confusing period – but we are also faced with a huge opportunity to create a more enlightened experience of work that will be more appropriate for today’s world.

Ford, on behalf of our readers, thank you for taking the time to talk to us here!

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Ford R. Myers, Author or 'Get the Job You Want Even When No One's Hiring'

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As always, Thank You for reading!

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