Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Just Words

"When all looked sour beyond words, some delightful 'break' was apt to lurk just around the corner.” Amelia Earhart.

This has definitely been true in my experience but they're just words right?

Sometimes you need a lot more to keep going.

When you have tried everything, done everything you can; in that moment it's hard to imagine words that can help.

But these are more than just words.

Simple expressions like this are living experience.

Someone wants you to know what got them through.

They're sharing what they have learned with you.

In the hope that what worked for them might work for you too.

That looks like a good place to aim for.
[Image courtesy of tricky ™ on Flickr]

You will probably have words like these of your own.

When things aren't going your way they remind you that better times will come.

When you feel stuck they remind you that some things are still within your power to change.

When you want to give up they are the words you can turn to.

In my view they are much more than just words.

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Is there a little piece of wisdom you have relied on when the going was tough?
Has a delightful break ever lurked around the corner for you?
Why can't we see round corners?
What experience would you like to share?

They're just words after all, right?

All the best for now,


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